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"Having a doula is not a luxury, it's a necessity."

-Eve Akins

Meet Eve the doula

I am a single mother of two beautiful humans, a  12-year-old daughter  and a 4-year old son. They are my WHY. 

My childbirth experiences changed my life. The first birth was a scheduled cesarean section delivery, because my OB told me that she would be too big for me to push out vaginally. I experienced 12 weeks of traumatic recovery with a spinal headache and postpartum depression because of a side effect from the spinal tap epidural. 


When I got pregnant with my son, I just knew things had to be different. At 6 weeks I started my usual appointments with my OB/GYN.

At about 20 weeks, I spoke to her about having a vaginal birth, and I became so discouraged, as she only shared with me all of the risks.

I felt as though she had given up on me before I even had the opportunity to try!


I spoke to a close friend of mine that was pregnant to see about switching to her doctor. To my surprise she shared with me that she was having a home birth! I didn't think that was an option for me, especially since I'd had a C-Section with my first child. My friend introduced me to her doula, and I hired her to support me through my journey. I switched my prenatal care to a birth center and homebirth-based midwife, and it was the best decision I ever made! The care I received from my midwife and my doula centered around my desires for my birth, what I was capable of and never about what I could not do. The birth of my son was a victorious in home VBAC, and I was up and moving again after 4 days. My VBAC success was the bravest and most courageous thing I have ever done in my life (starting this business is the second)!

E.V.E. Birth Services is fueled by the education, victory and empowerment I gained after I birthed without fear and I could not have done it without the support of my birth team! 

My goal as your birth educator and doula is to help provide you with education, victory, and empowerment. During my first pregnancy I was completely ignorant to my choices and I relied 100% on the instructions of my Obstetrician, I never did any research on my own.


I want to help expecting mothers to take control of their pregnancies and their birth! I want to help educate expectant mothers so that they are making informed decisions about their pregnancy, birth, and their choices along the journey. I want my clients to leave having new knowledge and the confidence to trust their own instincts!

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  Eve Akins  

EVE in Action

God designed my body to birth. 


Birth Doula

My support style as a birth doula may be a bit different than others you have heard of I take pride in getting to know my clients early in their pregnancies, I learn their love languages and try to build a personal relationship with my clients. 


Birth is a very intimate experience, and it is so important to me that my clients feel safe, I often refer to myself as their "guardian of normal". 

Postpartum Doula

In my opinion, 9 times out of 10 postpartum is HARDER than birth! As a postpartum doula I aim to teach my clients how to care for themselves and their new baby (or babies) with confidence.


I support new mothers through their infant feeding journey, no matter what that looks like, could be breastfeeding, pumping, formula feeding or a combination of all of these. 

I help with household chores, cooking, and I will even come for an evening or overnight visit so that you and your partner can get a few hours of sleep. 

Childbirth Education

As a Childbirth Educator my goal is to make sure my clients feel EDUCATED and empowered with information about their pregnancy. 

I want to teach my client's and their families how to advocate for the birth they want with confidence! 

As your instructor I will always remain unbiased and share with you the specifics of the benefits, risks and alternatives to the conditions and interventions that you may encounter during pregnancy and childbirth. 



Nnena and Uzoma.jpg

Eve is a spiritual, earthy uplifting #MOOD. When we first practiced birthing affirmations I rested on my sofa while she massaged my tired feet. She told me: you have to summon your King into life... And I remember thinking that’s so deep. So I calmed my mind and thought about my son & mentally starting strengthening my mind for child birth as she instructed.


When the dramatic time came for my son to be born she was with me in each moment reminding me of my strength... and my power. Every new Mom has that fear of childbirth & her presence was as if I had my own sister there speaking words of truth into my spirit.


After birth she was protective of my spirit and made sure I focused on positive thoughts so I could successfully heal & breastfeed .... My experience with Eve reminds me that God works in alignment and sends you exactly what you need when you need. She saved my life & the life of my child so I will always consider her family.


Thank You Eve ❤️

Nnena Ugo Agwu
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